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3D Modeling

I have used everything from Rhino 3D, Solidworks, Blender, Maya, and Alias Transportation to create 3D models. 


I prefer rendering in Keyshot, but have used Hypershade, Mental Ray, and even experimented with Pixar's Renderman. 



NASCAR RaceView Carskins

Each race the cars, their sponsors, and their paint schemes must be customized for the app. I created car skin texture files for NASCAR RaceView Mobile App for the final two races of the 2015 season and some skins for the 2016 season for Sportvision. 

2D Texture to 3D Model

The 2D file is then applied to a 3D model in Maya.

In Game

The 3D Model is then integrated into the NASCAR Mobile App.

2016 Cars

As a toy desginer at heart, I jumped at the chance to do the 2016 skin for the Nikko Toystate Car. I love it!

Danica Patrick's Final GoDaddy Car

I also got to work on Danica Patrick's final GoDaddy car skin.

3D Modeling for Mobile Games

3D modeling for mobile gaming is quite different than modeling and rendering for toys. The memory and processing power of phones limits the speed and resolution of the cars. For toys, I would frequently render a single image in super high definition - 300 DPI for a 2000 by 2000 pixel tiff. For the app, the cars themselves were frequently under 250 pixels at screen resolution.


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Sian Geraghty
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