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Website design inspired by Italo Calvino's Without Colors story. The origins of earth from black and white to full, vibrant color. 



User Experience, Visual Storytelling, Web Design, Visual Design, HTML5 & CSS


Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign 

Italo Calvino wrote Cosmicomics in 1965. It was originally written in Italian and then translated to English in 1968. The book is a collection of imaginative short stories that examine the origin of the earth.


The main character and narrator is Qfwfq. In the chapter Without Colors, Qfwfq lives on Earth before the atmosphere has formed. The lack of atmosphere means that the world is gray and colorless.

Qfwfq meets Ayl, and falls in love with her.


The atmosphere slowly appears on the Earth, Ayl is afraid and does not like it.


Qfwfq loves the effects of the atmosphere - the new colors that appear, being able to shout and have his voice heard.

In the end, the pair is separated when an earthquake brings a new formation of mountains.


Ayl chooses to live underground, where life is still gray. QFwfq chooses to live in the world of colors.


I decided to focus on the changes in colors and the color palletes of the Earth, rather than telling the love story between Qfwfq and Ayl. I was drawn to the imagery and the shift from black and white to color.


And as a designer, I wanted to capture the range and beauty of the colors of the Earth.


Sian Geraghty
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