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The Internet of Things

How will the Internet of Things shape our lives in the next decade to come? Can we create "things that think" that are functional, but at the same time seamlessly integrated into our lifestyles?


For a quick school project, I wondered how I could use  pervasive computing to stay in touch with one of my favorite things - SF Giants & Oakland A's baseball. Both teams play 162 games a year. I can't watch every one. What if there was a way to keep up with the games, without constant updates on my phone? 


Play Ball!

An enchanted picture frame with a baseball field shows the status of your favorite team's game - live. In the background, an Arduino checks the status and scores of a game. The scores and runners are on base are displayed using LEDs. 


Simple, quiet technology that brings joy to our every day lives. This is the future of the Internet of Things.

Start of the Game: The enchanted picture frame does not need to be turned on or told to run. Instead, it connects to the internet in the background, retrieving the game time information. 


When a game begins, it comes to life. The teams are represented by their colors, as well as on the scoreboard. 

Runners on 1st & 3rd: As the game progresses, the picture frame shows the runners on bases as well as the current score. 

Home Run: An executive can keep up with the game while at work, and tune in when they are available. The ultimate desktop gift for a sports fan.

The prototype was built using an Arduino and RGB LEDs. 

Using the Internet of Things, this enchanted picture frame could be adapted to show a child's Little League game by taking information off of Twitter. 

Sian Geraghty
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